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Sports Retail

February 2018-Febururay 2019 (13 months)

A retail company that imports sports equipment from abroad to sell it in E-commerce.

Arranging competent teams for product launch; met projects’ goals in a limited period. Maximized sales by cooperating with manufacturers and distributor teams and checking the products’ stocks.


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  • Needed to improve product quality(faulty) to reduce cost.

  • Established and progressed new product launch plans to increase competitiveness.


  • No products differentiation from competitors.

  • Had lowered the selling price for price competition, but the profitability was low due to defective products.

  • Compared to the size of the market, low CTR + low CPC.


  • Product feature: High price range, low repurchase rate, limited customer base. Tight market share among competitors.

  • Market trend: Mid to low priced products by targeting the amateur sports market.


  • Goal: Reduce production cost from faulty, increase the sales volume and brand awareness

  • Sales platform: E-commerce (Auction/Gmarket from eBay, NaverStore, Coupang, etc.--Korean's top E-commerce Platform)

  • Advertising platform: 40% of E-commerce channel paid-ad, 25% of Facebook ads, 20% of Google Ads, 15% of Instagram ads. 

  • Strategy: divided paid-ads campaign by Demographic, Audience, keywords targeting, remarketing not to narrow down the reach. 

  • Display ads(image type) were used by increasing brand awareness and consideration. 

  • Analyzed customer behaviour, estimated sales rate through Google Analytics(UA) and Salesforce. 


  • Boosted the product ranking, CTR by avg. 30% in the E-commerce platforms. Increased campaign performance without extra cost(maintaining avg. CPC.) 

  • Slashed the cost of R&D investment by negotiating pricing with manufacturers and securing exclusive sales rights to ensure product continuation and enhancements. 

  • Managed the whole products’ life cycle and sales status with CRM(Salesforce) tool.

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