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Project - Careem Resto

Period: September 2019 ~ October 2019 (a month)

Objective: New dining booking application(in-app development)

Work: Market Research, Project Planning, UI/UX Design, Content Creation and Marketing, Sales Strategy


Planned and created by Jiwoo Kim 

Bon Appétit




Careem Resto is an online booking app for restaurants allows you to check the food type what restaurants serve, photos, menus, and reviews at once.

About Careem

about careem



One of the most successful Startup in the Middle East.



Over 30million users through 90 cities and 14 Countries



Creating 80,000 jobs

every month

carEem in 2013

Careem is the most successful booking platform for transport in the Middle East.

30 million users through 90 cities and

14 countries are connected with local drivers who called the Captain using Careem.

carEem NOW in 2018


Careem NOW is an online delivery platform for food, a second application released form Careem. Users are able to use Careem Now in Dubai and Jeddah, and in Egypt and Pakistan and beyond  Riyadh and eventually in Mecca.

WHAT's next?



At a time when Careem is extending into Transportation and Delivery Industries, 

What's Next App that

Careem should launch?

key application

Key Application
                  Bon Appétit



ui_3 copy.png
ui1 copy.png
ui_2 copy.png

Careem Resto is an online booking app for restaurants that allows you to check the food type what restaurants serve, photos, menus, and reviews at once. Now, instead of coordinating the available time zone via phone call and checking price and menu in Google, you can make a reservation 24/7, check vacancies, and pay via Careem Pay in this app. Also, you can also open our other app Careem to check the time, distance to go to the restaurant and reserve a car.

Customized recommendation list via database

If you satisfied your meals, leave some reviews and press like or dislike button. Through your choices and tastes, all of the restaurants that you might like are shown. 

Category for respecting your diversity


Tons of keywords make you choose your restaurant and menu much easier. 

Discover best offer and promotion for you


Various coupon and promotion are shown every day, everywhere. You can book after considering your standard.

© 2019 Jiwoo KIM
App Feature


WHy food industry


  11,813 of restaurants  


  986 of restaurants  


  1,122 of restaurants  

tel aviv

  1,433 of restaurants  

A Growth Potential market


  1,027 of restaurants  


  855 of restaurants  

abu dhabi

  2,407 of restaurants  


  773 of restaurants  

© 2019 Jiwoo KIM
$136.2 b
$13.2 b

Fastest-growing industry

Food-service Industry is one of the Fastest-Growing sectors in the Middle East. Currently valued at $13.2 billion in the UAE alone, and the Middle East expects an uptake on the back of increased consumer spending in the next few years, which is expected to grow at over 25% to reach around US$ 136.1 billion by 2020.

Middle East countries have also adopted a wealth of food-service concepts from around the globe, with local food-service market continue echoing the trends seen at international level at a much faster pace, ranging from fast-food franchises to celebrity chef-endorsed restaurants.
This is led by local operators who partnered with international brands to boost’s the destination’s local dining credentials.



"Customers in the Middle East spend 1/3 of their income on transportation and food."
@Careem Jach Finkelstein

Diverse Customer


 To be driven by its diverse consumer groups who have an appetite for a wide range of cuisines.

For example, UAE is home to over 200 nationalities, while the number of tourists flocking to the country continues to grow every year.



6.9% of Young Population is ages of 15 to 19. As these young people go to college and start their careers, their food consumption patterns will have an incredible impact in the restaurant industry.


WHy middle east


Regional Leaders Responding to Downturn by Investing in Economic Diversification

The drop in oil prices has had a profound impact in the region. This highlighted the urgency of each nation’s economic diversification programs. Regional leaders invest in projects geared towards the depletion of oil dependence. Tourism is the primary factor that affects the growth in the non-oil segment of the economy of Saudi Arabia.

Foodservice entrepreneurs were given a golden opportunity due to the introduction of non-religious visas, the entertainment city Qiddiya, and the abolition of the ban on movie theaters.

The reforms which the GCC governments are introducing are aimed at attracting foreign direct investments.

Every single nation allows a 100 % foreign acquisition in listed zones and sectors, and at least acquisition on all parts of the economy. As of 2017, the UAE had FDI of $10.3 B, representing 2.7% of the current GDP, and having grown 15% over the previous year.

The escalating openness enables the region to become more inviting to global restaurant chains and operators.


" Food service expansion and development plans can get ahead of these developments by venturing in the cities and neighborhoods which are most likely to be seen through the influx of visitors.

As these new groups of tourists arrive, they bring with them very different expectations for dining-out experiences. "



Expo 2020 is projected to bring in 17.5 million people, and the country is building over 200 new hotels in order to accommodate the visitors. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has set its sights on high net worth individuals from China, aiming to attract 600k Chinese tourists annually by 2021, a 265% increase from 2016.

Saudi Arabia

Expanding both the Grand Mosque at Mecca to hold 2.5M worshippers and the King Abdulaziz International Airport in hopes of welcoming more religious tourists throughout the year. In Qiddiya, it will attract non-religious visitors. KSA expects to welcome 30M tourists annually by 2030 as part of its objectives in the Economic Vision 2030.



The modernization program currently underway in Bahrain International Airport is one of the most strategic projects for Bahrain, which will improve the airport’s status as a key facilitator of growth for the national economy, in line with the objectives of Economic Vision 2030.



$35 billion tourism plan aims to grow tourism to 11.7 million annual visitors in 2040, a 350% increase of 2015’s 2.6 million guests. Focusing on cultural and natural attractions, Oman will likely do well among millennial tourists, who value experience over luxury when they travel.



Why should we develop this application from each side?

Where to start


Consumers, especially tourists, have been unable to access this region easily due to the high demand for Fine Dining and the size of the restaurant business has grown but the conservative region. This is a great opportunity for the tourist influx of new consumers with the opening of the market, and consumers easy to use this app with Careem’s transport service. They are always ready to accept convenient and fast concierge services. This will be a great help for tourists easily to choose restaurants where people with diverse tastes and diversity were difficult.


This app can be launched quickly and economically using a database of Careem NOW and the GPS built by Careem. It is also a strong part to be able to target the influx of existing Careem customers. 


“Careem’s Strength is the data and customer information which was built over the past 6 years. Since most Middle Eastern countries don’t use street addresses, Careem has developed a self-mapping system above of Google Maps, making it easier for drivers or customers to find each other."

Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron

Independent restaurants in UAE, KSA account for 80 percent of the total food and beverage market. Due to their policy of opening the tourism market, foreign capital and franchised restaurant investment will be brought in at a high rate, and this will be a good way to co-exist in keeping the pie of independent restaurants.

The success of local independent restaurants is directly linked to the economy of the city.

Where to start


As the business hub of the Middle East, Dubai is an ideal city for starting to operate Careeme Resto.
They are expecting 25M visitors in 2020, and these people who visit Dubai as tourists and businessmen have great possibility of being new users of Careem Resto. 

Image by Cédric Dhaenens

Dubai, most populous city in the UAE 



Dubai remains the world's busiest in terms of international passengers.

Dubai International Airport, now the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, welcomed 89.1M passengers in 2018. Tourism made up 12.1% of GDP in 2016, and that share is expected to grow over the next 10 years.


Dubai is ranked first in visitors spending on the food and beverage sector.

Globally, Dubai ranks fourth in terms of the number of international overnight visitors and first in terms of spending on the food and beverage sector. It also touts more opportunity for operators looking to expand into the Middle East. 


Expo 2020 will be a major factor in driving tourism growth to the UAE

With Dubai expecting to accommodate 25M visitors by 2020, The UAE’s hospitality sector is in the midst of rapid expansion, with new hotels and restaurants looking to cater to the changing needs and demands of tourists.


The fastest-growing hospitality market in the world 

It is expected to grow by more than 500% in less than a decade. The future of the UAE hospitality industry is not based solely on the adage that “if you build it, they will come.” Other factors, like population growth and greater GDP per capita, will likely drive demand for restaurants.


The Highest Food Spent Rate


Per capita food spending in the UAE is among the highest in the world, at $3,159 in 2015, 32% higher than in the US (excluding alcohol), and about the same as the average person’s spend in Kuwait and Qatar combined. As spend on  Food-Away-From-Home moves in line with the economy and population, a portion of the high value spend on food by Emiratis is explained by their high net worth.; by the fact that visiting malls and dining out are the primary sources of entertainment for many in the region.


Higher GDP among the middle east.

As of 2017, GDP per capita is estimated to be $40,162. GDP grew at an average of 4% between 2010 and 2016, and even though growth has slowed down since oil prices slumped back in 2014 and 2016, growth is expected to accelerate considerably by next year. The average growth for the next five years is expected to be close to 3.5%, more than twice the rate in 2017, and almost 80% higher than the forecasted growth for the US.

Image by Yasmine Arfaoui

As one of the countries which has the largest young populations, KSA is the perfect place to follow next to Dubai. The food and beverage industry revenues in Saudi Arabia are expected to double by 2021, from $105M to $ 208M.


KSA, largest sovereign state in the Middle East 


Trend-Conscious Younger Generation

KSA’s population is expected to reach 40 million by 2050, with 70% of that is under 30 years old. Younger Saudis, who are more connected with the outside world and are social media-savvy, are natural targets for the kingdom’s growing supply of malls, restaurants, and hotels.


Stable customer who is related to Religion.

Religious tourism remains the key driver for consumer demand in KSA. Plans are in place to increase the number of annual foreign Umrah pilgrims from the current 8 million to 15 million by the end of 2020 and to 30 million by 2030, which would create new growth opportunities for companies operating in the food and beverage sector.


New economic strategy in KSA

As part of its National Transformation Plan, the government gave hints that it might begin issuing tourist visas, reversing a longstanding opposition to the practice. Growing the number of visitors from about 65 million to about 82 million over the next four years is the next goal in KSA.


Fast-growing Industry

Food and beverage industry revenues in Saudi Arabia are expected to double by 2021, from $105M to $208M. SEDCO Holding Group recently forecast that food consumption would grow 15% over the next two years. This company is especially bullish on development in areas outside the major cities, where many markets are underserved.

Regional Opportunity

Regional opportunity

We can partner with or take advantage of these upcoming events in this region.

target research

Data from a research shows that smartphone penetration in this region shows significantly higher specially in UAE, with twice as much as mobile phone users compared to the population.













- Smartphone Penetration in Middle East -

- midian age of smartphone users -


years old



years old



years old


In addition to that, the average age of users is 31.9 years old for Qatar, 27.5 years old for the KSA and 34 years old for the UAE.


It shows that most of those who are engaging in socio-economic activities are in their 20's and 30's,

which can give us the idea that at a younger age they are not afraid in trying new applications.



target define

The target is based on data from research, it analyzes the behavior patterns of distinct users and identifies their characters and needs.



















"Most of our customers are not responsive to the recently released application and updates they are using from Careem.


However, when they have dates and business meetings, the first things to be considered are accessibility, the time required by the attendees and restaurants, and for checking the types of meals they can serve and review."

Competent businessmen who have business trips to Dubai are our distinct targets. They are working hard on gathering substantial feedback facts since they don't have enough information about the district but they are still interested in stylish and comfortable services.


Our goal is to render services to help people to easily reserve a restaurant for business meetings in the city with regards to the participants' preferences such as vegetarianism, no meat, and certain allergies.





Users can do various actions in one app.

They can use Careem Pay to settle the bill and to contact for transportation going to the restaurant for them to spend more time using the service.

By the use of this app, Careem will give additional freebies for the local mobile reservation platform market and can work as a lifestyle app behind transportation services.


Also, It can be used to the barbershop and hair salon booking service application by applying this app's frame.

- There's is a high probability that it will only be used one time by the minor customers.

- Users of other navigation systems such as Google maps might not be attentive in Careem restore.


- Partners may experience loss from the cancellation of bookings like a No-show.

sales plan

short-term sales plan

30 days

Misson | Drive user inflow and build reliable data

  •  Induce users and create reviews with initial promotions.

  •  Appropriate compensation (rewards) is provided when writing a review.

  • Add a function that can be used in conjunction with other apps of Careem.

60 days

Misson | Expanding the location(Partner) database

  1. Young-sense local independent cafes and restaurants

  2. Local Independent Fine Dining Restaurant

  3. Partnering with events (e.g. Food Expo, Gulfood, etc.)

  4. Rational and popular franchise restaurants

90 days

Misson | Increase Active Users

  • Provide the ability to create and share your own map of the restaurant.

  • Add various interactive features for increasing user engagement.

  • Customize listings using user data and big data.


Misson | Lite Sales Approach


Selling to demanding partners based on deployed data and number of users.

  1. A new corporate restaurant set to enter the region

  2. Large restaurants run by companies such as hotels

5~6th month

Misson | Strong Marketing Approach

Appropriate advertising publication and sponsorship of events for visitors to visit through large business events and entertainment events (e.g., Expo, World Cup, etc.).

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