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Food &Beverage

December 2017-Feburuy 2018 (3 months)

A small-scale Food & Beverage company.

Responsible for the product roll-out, organized manufacture itinerary.

Launched the product promotion with a tight budget and limited time.




  • Manpower shortage : Directly communicated with C-level executives.

  • Limited time : 1.5 months of preparing, launched the product 2 weeks before the Lunar’s new year

  • Limited budget


  • Ready for Lunar’s new year promotion in E-commerce.

  • Formal main products : Dates juice, Ginseng extraction, etc.


  • Economic situation : Customers are ready to spend more money on big holidays such as Lunar’s new year.

  • Market Trend : Health care products, supplements, and traditional foods were strong.

  • Competitors : Most competitors already launched their products, and ran the paid ad and marketing campaign 2-3 months before Lunar’s New year. 

  • Designing : Ready-to-Gift package type. 


  • Marketing strategy

    • Target consumers : 30 to 45, who do not want to put many efforts into shop, who try to find inexpensive but fine products. Bulk-purchasable 

    • Sales platform : E-commerce (WeMakePrice - Products ranked based on weekly sales performance.) 

    • Strategy : Keyword targeting


  • Reducing the cost from the marketing budget. : No spend on paid-ads, Only run by keyword targeting and ranking system of the E-commerce 

  • Focused on weekly sales volume to be ranked top of the pages, during the two weeks launching, our product immediately ranked on a high sales rate page with remarkable CTR.

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