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SNS marketing 

June 2019-September 2019 (4 months)

An English Academy for international students in Cebu.
Designed eye-catching contents, schemed the social media marketing plans (Instagram, FB). Established tactics such as SEO/SEM, paid ads, events for Engaging APEC students enrollment volume.

이미지 제공: Juliana Kozoski


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  • The enrollment rate of APEC(esp. Korean) students was gradually decreasing.

  • Needed to improve overall customer satisfaction

  • For increasing brand awareness and re-registration rate, a new promotion strategy was needed. 


  • Budget: 80% for events and promotions, 10% of Facebook ads, 6% of Google Ads, 4% of Instagram Ads

  • Strategy:

    • Increasing customers' satisfaction and engaging rate: Planed promotions and customer-participating events every two weeks. (ex. Speaking contest, Island hopping activities, pageant, reviewing events, promotions for re-enrollment etc.) Promoted on Instagram, Facebook. 

    • New Product Strategy for Embracing Older Customers: Targeted older customers(over 50s). Partnering with the hotels, planned and managed products that can be enjoyed while staying at the hotels and having English classes together.

    • Led traffic through Google Ads.


  • 32% more traffic was led, Embraced new customer range (over 50s), increased customer satisfaction 

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